The Ideal Diet

ann julyBefore the invention of breakfast cereal, candy bars, fake fats, french fries, soda, potato chips, and doughnuts; men and women ate very healthy. This month I encourage you to eat an abundance of whole, unrefined foods.  Take 15 minutes and clear out your cabinets and refrigerator of anything processed now. Start by having apples, berries, peaches, plums, bananas in the house at all times. A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts is a perfect snack and inexpensive compared to bags of chips, crackers and cookies.

Begin eating one raw vegetable each day – cherry tomatoes, radishes, celery, carrots, red pepper slices, and try slicing some mushrooms in your salad today. Try eating mostly plants  – sauté some spinach and mix it in with a scrambled egg for breakfast, have a mixed bean salad over tomatoes for lunch along with a little hummus and carrots and then fix a big mixed green salad for dinner with marinated sliced artichokes, roasted peppers, sunflower seeds, cucumber and olives, along with a plate of beautiful fresh melon and berries for dessert.

If you’re struggling to get on the right track, don’t forget that we offer nutrition counseling in studio.  If you need the support, we are here for you!

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