Focus: Abdominals Lie with your back on the floor. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle while keeping your feet on the floor. Either cross your arms loosely across your chest or keep them beside you on the floor without pushing down. Using your butt muscles, lift your hips just slightly from the floor […]

Two-Way Push Up

Focus: Chest, Core and Triceps Get in a push-up position with your hands placed directly beneath your shoulders and, dependent upon your strength, your lower half resting either on your toes (more challenging) or on your knees (less challenging). Lower your chest toward the ground, keeping elbows tight to your body, then push up. Walk […]

One-Leg Dead Lift to T

Focus: Shoulders, Lower Back, Glutes and Hamstrings  Hold 5-pound dumbbells in each hand, and with your arms at your sides and lift your right foot behind you. While keeping your left knee slightly bent and your back straight, bend forward at the hip until your torso is nearly parallel to the ground. Keep arms extended […]

The Squat

If you don’t do squats, you’re not training- end of story. Because the squat works the whole body rather than focusing on one specific area, it is consistently a staple of comprehensive workout routines. Begin in the proper trunk position. Stand tall and pull your head and shoulders back. Raise your chest and maintain a slight arch in your […]

Exercise: It’s been on the back of your mind.

And it’s not surprising that it would be. Whether it’s been family, friends, gym teachers, your personal doctor, or that professional on TV, everyone’s talking about the fitness revolution. It’s incontrovertible that exercise and well-balanced nutrition are fiercely growing in popularity. But make no mistake- the benefits of exercise are neither fleeting nor are they […]