Program Offerings


Our clients have tried various gyms and exercise programs over the years but found it was always a struggle to get there and keep at it. They now enjoy coming to our private studio which has been specifically designed so we can offer them the personal attention they deserve. Together we design a program to improve fitness and energy; including strength, toning, flexibility, balance training and core-development exercise through Pilates. Clients feel their best when we meet 2-3 times a week. Small group programs are also available if you prefer to come with a friend.


Pilates is ageless and genderless.  We offer a mindfully designed workout developed to strengthen and tone your entire physique.  Anyone can benefit from Pilates.  No matter the current state of your body, Pilates can help you re-shape and sculpt.  Pilates will give you the flexibility you never thought attainable, strength in muscles you didn’t know about, and internal focus and external stamina.  We offer a  challenging, low impact, total body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating.  We use tension to strengthen and stretch, allowing the body to develop a long, strong, lean form. Pilates will complement your existing workouts whether they be running, biking, or weight-lifting, and improve your posture and muscle structure, making you quicker, leaner, stronger, and your workouts outside of our studio more productive and efficient.


Our small group training classes are designed to combine the fun and camaraderie of group workouts with the customized programs of 1-on-1 personal training.  All classes are capped at 6 students and led by Christina Lasky, who develops these dynamic and intensive programs so each participant can get personal attention.  This setup also allows you to get to know one another other and cheer each other on!  Class times are by appointment only, so if you would like to set up a group of your own, please contact Christina at 646-436-3819.


Our health coach, Ann, will help you find balance between daily activities, nutrition, and fitness. We will work with you to develop an optimal lifestyle plan that will enhance your health and complement your fitness program. Lifestyle plans focus on nutrition, stress management, daily activity, and behavior modifications. Our health coach is a nationally certified lifestyle and weight-management consultant that is dedicated to helping you develop healthier habits that work with your life. Together you will establish goals and take small steps to introduce new healthy habits into your life. We also find ways to sidestep the pitfalls that might take you off track. Meal plans with new recipes and old favorites set you up for success in your new healthy life.


We now have a licensed physical therapist in studio. Dr. Tejal Ramaiya received her Master’s in Physical Therapy in 2002 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2004 from University of Medicine and Dentistry of  New Jersey. Upon graduation from physical therapy school, she took on a number of positions in outpatient orthopedics and sports physical therapy where she served a variety of clientele including post-surgical cases, sports injuries, pediatrics, triathletes, and geriatrics. Over the years, she has earned a number of specialized certifications including:

  • Certification in Strength and Conditioning
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling, Kinesiotaping
  • Graston technique
  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Assessment
  • Functional Movement Screening

Tejal’s strength lies in her drive for learning and her enthusiasm for implementing new evidence-based techniques into her clinical practice daily. Her membership in the American Physical Therapy Association allows her to constantly be in touch with the newest research in the Physical Therapy field. She has a lifelong love for learning through continuing education courses and her reading.


Yoga Classes Now in Studio courtesy of Tula Mind Body.

Physical Therapy Now in Studio courtesy of Body Moksha.