My Story

APelino2015_HighRes-2APelino2015_HighRes-5x7My clients are often surprised to hear the details of my personal journey.  I actually never exercised growing up and physical activity and healthy eating was simply not part of our family routine.  It was only years later when I moved out of the city and was looking for new activities that I was drawn to a local personal training facility.  I specifically asked to work with the owner/head trainer and did so for years. I started to recognize that I also felt differently depending on what I ate so I began buying cooking magazines and experimenting in the kitchen.  I felt great through each of my three pregnancies and found I was able to get myself back in shape after each baby was born.

Eventually the owner of my gym encouraged me to become a certified personal trainer.  I thought he must be kidding but he was completely serious and eventually I believed in myself enough to give it a try.  I really enjoyed my role as a Personal Trainer, but noticed some of my clients were not seeing enough change in their bodies and became discouraged.  That led me to enroll in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition so I could add Health Coaching to my service offering.  Now I even opened my own studio so I can work with clients on their bodies and nutrition needs in a setting that is comfortable for them.  Few things make me happier than having clients work with me and ultimately find themselves in a better place than they were when we first met.

When not at work I enjoy spending time outdoors with my children Nicky, Joey, and Nina and our dog.  I hope to inspire my children so they too can feel proud of the choices they make and beautiful lives they live.

My Training