The Holidays are Around the Corner…. You’re Busy – But You Must Make Time to Move!

Girl in a red Santa's cap with a measuring tape around your waist

Getting exercise helps you to build muscle, lose fat, and feel great.  It contributes to clearer skin, better sleep and enhanced mental clarity among other benefits.  Certain hormones released during exercise have ben shown to slow and even reverse the aging process. So why aren’t you already doing more of it?

It’s probably because in the past you thought about exercise and imagine yourself huffing and puffing on an exercise machine or looking into a wall-size mirror surrounded by people who look so much better than you that you just want to go home and throw up.  The problem is that you have not yet linked pleasure to the thought of exercise.  It is simple – if you want to exercise regularly, you must enjoy moving your body, both as you’re doing it and after.  Until you deliberately root out your negative associations with exercise and install new positive ones, you will continue to tell yourself you “should’ do it, and beat yourself up for not listening.

There is a process that only you can take on and that is finding the benefits from and the fun in a form of exercise that you enjoy – dancing, biking, walking, hiking, going to a dog park, ice skating, swimming, group classes, individual training sessions, …. there is an endless amount of options to try.  Start there – with something you already love or a skill you want to learn  – tennis, rock-climbing, martial arts, yoga,…. Schedule this activity in your week in the amount that you can successfully succeed at and then bit by bit increase it each week or every other week. That way, you get to feel control every step of the way and you will slowly build a new habit of making exercise your lifestyle choice.

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