Hip-Flexor & Hamstring Stretch

Starting Position: kneel on one knee and place the opposite foot forward so that your front knee and hip are bent at 90 degrees. Form a direct line through your torso and spine to the knee on the floor.

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Let your hands rest by your sides and keep your shoulders down and relaxed and your chest up. Make sure your hips, knees and ankles are in alignment.

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Action: Raise your arms and move your hips forward simultaneously, until your arms are directly overhead and your front knee is over the toes of your front foot.

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Your torso remains vertical, and your bottom leg is opened at the hip joint.

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Continue by bringing your arms down and flexing your torso forward. Move your hips backward, straightening the front leg, while reaching your hands to the ground around your knee while your back knee remains on the ground.

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Movement Path:  During the forward movement, your center of mass translates forward horizontally and slightly downward.
Stabilize By: keeping your hips parallel during all phases of the movement; keeping your front foot flat; maintaining the alignment or your hip, knee, and ankle throughout the movement.
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